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The Bay of Plenty will experience Natural and Man Made disasters such as power and water failure, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions in the future. Disasters have the potential to ruin everything you have worked for over the years - homes, treasured and precious momentos and, possibly the loss of a loved one. Whilst disasters cannot be stopped, think ahead and be prepared by involving the whole family, and make an emergency plan together. 

Plan to look after yourself and your loved ones for at least 3 day or more

Many disasters will affect essential services and possibly disrupt your ability to travel or communicate with each other. You may be confined to your home, or forced to evacuate your neighbourhood. In the immediate aftermath of a disaster, emergency services will not be able to get help to everyone as quickly as needed.
This is when you are likely to be most vulnerable. So it is important to plan to look after yourself and your loved ones for at least three days or more in the event of a disaster.

Get your family or household together and agree on a plan. A functional emergency plan helps alleviate fears about potential disasters, and can help you respond safely and quickly when a disaster happens. You can get a copy of a household emergency plan and checklist from your local council, or download your printable

Household Emergency Plan template.


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For more information about Being Prepared at Home please visit the Get Ready Get Thru website.

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