Disability Assist Dogs

A disability assist dog or service animal is one which is specially trained that can be used by a person with a disability to help with everyday living. The animals are allowed by law to accompany their owners anywhere. They may include hearing dogs, mobility assistance dogs, epilepsy assist dogs, or dogs to assist the blind.  

It is important that you register your disability assist dog and obtain an identification tag to allow your companion to be welcomed wherever you may be. The identification tag is not compulsory but it will allow a disability assist dog to be easily recognised which will allow you easy access to civil defence centres in an emergency, and help quickly reunite you and your dog if you are separated.

Remember to include basic pet supplies such as food, water, collar and leash, bowl, plastic bags, and identification tags in your getaway kit for your pet.   

For more information check out the disability assist dog leaflet.



Logan a disability assist dog in training.

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