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Check Your UPDATED Tsunami Evacuation Map

Bay of Plenty tsunami evacuation maps now look different.

If you live, work or play along our coastline, have a look at the updated maps. 

1. Evacuation zones are now BLUE

Instead of several different colours, our evacuation zones are now all blue. 

Blue Means Go: In a Tsunami, Get Out of the Blue!

2. Some zone boundaries have changed 

In a few parts of our coast, previous evacuation zone boundaries have changed.

Make sure you check the updated maps even if you were familiar with the previous ones. 

For a list of Frequently Asked Questions on the changes, click here.

To view the new maps, click here.

You can also find the new maps on the Tsunami boards in prone areas, at council service centres, or view the interactive map here.

Our advice on what to do in a tsunami stays the SAME

If you are in an evacuation zone (blue zone) and you feel a long or strong quake, move immediately inland or to higher ground. Don't wait for an official warning. 

Have a plan for where you will go. Walk or bike if you can, and take essentials like water, snacks and medications. 

Tsunami Evacuation Maps Tsunami Evacuation Maps